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Outbound Telemarketing Call Center Software, Telemarketing Software, Automatic Dialers, Auto Dialers

Acarda Sales Technologies provides a range of call center and telemarketing software products to help maximize your business productivity. Our Acarda Outbound Team Call Center software is for groups of people engaged in outbound telemarketing while Acarda Outbound Solo Telemarketing software is for a single user telemarketer. Acarda Messenger is a fully automated auto dialer.

Outbound Call Center and Telemarketing Dialer - Team Calling


  • Multiple User Calling Solution
  • Manage calling lists in a centralized database
  • Manage do not call lists in a centralized database
  • Allocate one telephone number at a time to each agent
  • Ensure do not call telephone numbers are not called
  • Call outcome and detail management
  • Automatic demand dialing from each agent’s computer
  • Preview dialing option
  • Customize agent screens
  • Multiple campaigns with their own script
  • Performance reporting
  • Call management, analysis, statistics
  • Low cost hardware requirement
  • Many more features

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Outbound Call Center and Telemarketing Dialer - Single Caller

outbound telemarketing dialer


  • Single User Calling Solution
  • Increase productivity
  • Demand dialing at the press of one button
  • Fast and accurate, never mis-dials
  • Supports multiple campaigns
  • Import a list of telephone numbers into a campaign
  • Manage do not call lists
  • Supports FTC DNC import file format
  • Requeue numbers in the call list with one click
  • Assign a time to call a number back later
  • Record a range of responses to questions you ask
  • Ability to play a pre-recorded message to voice mail
  • Ability to record the conversation
  • Low cost hardware requirement
  • Many more features

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Auto Dialer  - Fully Automated Calling

Auto Dialer


  • Automatically place telephone calls & convey voice messages
  • Set start and stop times for each day of the week
  • Automatically generate a random list of telephone numbers
  • Import a list of telephone numbers
  • Supports FTC DNC import file format
  • Configurable number of delivery attempts for busy or no answer
  • Play a different message if call answered by answer machine
  • Verify the listener is the right person to hear the message
  • Recipient can select to be transferred, e.g. to a sales representative
  • Displays call statistics
  • Many more features

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