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TeamMax Call Center Software

TeamMax OutBound Introduction

News Flash :  The latest version of TeamMax is now available after over four years of product development rewriting every part of the software to streamline, improve performance, and provide even more useful features for managing outbound calling campaigns. TeamMax version 7 is now rebranded as Acarda Outbound to reflect how central it is to the heart of our company. For download links and further details on Acarda Outbound please see the Acarda Outbound page. Unless you have very old computers then it would be more beneficial for you to start with Acarda Outbound rather than TeamMax.

TeamMax is an outbound telemarketing call center.  One of the most significant differences between TeamMax and other products is the way calls are dialled. We steered away from predictive dialing which can lead to dropped calls, rather TeamMax uses enhanced demand dialing. Demand dialing is initiated by the agent with a single button click. While predictive dialing may give a higher throughput, the difference is minimal. We recognise that cost is an important factor when you make a decision to purchase a call center that’s why you will find competing products at least ten times the price of our software. Check it out, see for yourself.

For those of you who wish to learn more about our older TeamMax Call Center thgen please read on below:


"Productivity is at an all time high thanks to TeamMax. ... "
Pat M., Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

"We have 4 sales agents ... and they have tripled their productivity because of TeamMax. We are extremely happy with TeamMax ..."
Kurt D., Las Vegas, NV, USA.

"Before TeamMax my reps called manually from paper lists. TeamMax has completely automated my sales floor and allows me to gather the information I need to track sales ... TeamMax gave me all the features of many other dialers out there but at the fraction of the cost."
Francisco D., Tampa, FL, USA.

TeamMax Software Overview

Setup campaigns and agent teams with the call center software TeamMax Manager.  The TeamMax Server coordinates the dial records sent to and from the TeamMax Agent software and checks a Do Not Call list before sending the agent the dial record number to call.

Each agent is sent one dial record at a time to call.  They dial out via a modem at the click of a button, can read from a script window and make notes of outcomes in a range of dial record fields.  At the end of the call they either get the next dial record or just finish the last call which saves the dial record details and stops the timing of the call. Call backs are automatically requeue to be given back out to agents at the appropriate time.

There are three parts to the TeamMax Solution:


TeamMax Manager

TeamMax Manager

TeamMax manager View Screen Shot

  The TeamMax Manager software is where you import a list of numbers and assign them to a campaign. You can set up a campaign, add scripts for agents to read, set up teams, users and agents and assign agents to teams. The TeamMax Manager allows you to view a campaign, see progress reports, statistics, export numbers, and maintain the DNC list.


TeamMax Server

TeamMax server

TeamMax server View Screen Shot

  The TeamMax Server software is the interface to the database for the TeamMax Agent software. Most database access is for the agent software is via the server software so you must have the TeamMax Server software running at all times while you want the agent software to operate. On the same computer as the TeamMax Server software you would also usually have the main database and the DoNotCall database. 


TeamMax Agent

TeamMax agent

Teammax agent View Screen Shot

  Each agent involved in telemarketing campaign calling uses the TeamMax Agent software.  The TeamMax Server allocates one Dial Card record at a time for the agent to call. Click here for further details.


Other Information

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