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Acarda Outbound Team Call Center Software

Acarda Outbound is for focused outbound calling. Drastically increase your productivity by using Acarda Outbound for telemarketing, telesales, appointment setting, customer care, surveying and any other outbound calling campaigns.

Outbound Call Center Key Features

  • Demand or Preview Dialer

Dialing is initiated by the agent with a single button click which saves the last lead record and fetches the next lead from the campaign queue. The new lead can automatically be dialed as it appears or in preview mode it can be placed on the screen for the agent to review prior to dialing.

  • Intelligent Queue Manager

The Intelligent Queue Manager is at the heart of managing campaign leads to give to agents. Call backs have priorities and can be assigned for requested times and sent to either a specific agent or a team of agents.

  • Call Outcome Reporting

Use real-time reporting on call outcomes to show dispositions per campaign, agent, or selected date periods.

  • Historical Reporting

Understand call center performance by reviewing call history and agent history reports. Monitor agent performance and statistics to ensure your staff and working effectively.

  • Campaign and List Management

Setup multiple campaigns, import lead lists and move leads from campaign to campaign based on imported data or past calling results.

  • Agent Scripting and Objection Handler

Present a consistent message to prospects and contacts with agent script tailored for each campaign. Furthermore, an Objection Handler* makes available to the agent a list of common objections or questions so the agent can quickly find the best scripted reply.

  • Do Not Call Management

Ensure telephone numbers on DNC lists are not called by importing them to Acarda Outbound's internal Do Not Call database. Leads are then scrubbed as they are imported into a campaign and also always checked against the DNC list prior to being sent to an agent.

  • VOIP or Conventional PSTN

There is no need for an expensive central dialing computer; rather, the dialing device can be selected in the agent software e.g. dial via a 3rd party-VoIP application that supports command line parameters; or dial via a TAPI modem.

* Advanced Edition only

Call Center Reporting


One of the most significant differences between Acarda Outbound and other products is the way calls are dialed. We steered away from predictive dialing which can lead to dropped calls, rather Acarda Outbound uses enhanced demand dialing. Demand dialing is initiated by the agent with a single button click. While predictive dialing may appear to give a higher throughput, the difference is minimal. We recognize that your leads are valuable so Acarda Outbound will not support predictive dialing techniques that burn through and potentially waste leads.

Don’t become dependent on expensive cloud-based system with their inherit risks rather keep control of your own data using Acarda Outbound, a premises-based call center installed on your own computers. Furthermore you decided who to use as a telecommunications provider rather than been forced to use a cloud-based telco arrangement.

Acarda Outbound Overview

Each agent involved in the outbound calling campaign uses the Acarda Outbound Agent software. The agent is sent, from the Acarda Outbound Server, one dial record at a time to call. At the click of a button, the inbuilt speed-dialer dials out the current phone number via the selected dialing device, e.g. a modem or VoIP phone. The agent can read from a script window and make notes about the outcome in a range of dial record fields. At the end of the call they simply click the Next Dial button to save the current dial record, retrieve the next record and have it dialed out. Call backs are automatically requeue to be given back out to agents at the appropriate time.

Outbound Agent Dial Card

Using the Acarda Outbound Manager software outbound calling campaigns can be set up. Lists of leads, with telephone numbers and other data, can be imported and assigned to a particular campaign. Scripts can be added, layouts of the agent screen customized, and teams and users are setup and assigned to campaigns. Acarda Outbound Manager is also were you can view campaign details, see progress reports, statistics, export numbers, and maintain the Do Not Call list.

Outbound Call Balance Report

Other Information

Acarda Outbound carries on in the tradition of our successful TeamMax Outbound Call Center software and is effectively TeamMax version 7. The project took us over four years to complete, rewriting every part of the software to streamline, improve performance, and provide even more useful features for managing outbound calling campaigns.

If you prefer to use our older TeamMax product then you can learn more about TeamMax from here. With the release of Acarda Outbound we have a Team Edition for call centers with multiple agents working on campaigns together as a team; and now also a Solo Edition for those agents working by themselves on their own calling lists. Agents can start with the Solo Edition and then easily upgrade, as they expand, into a Team Edition.

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