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Acarda Outbound Solo Telemarketing Dialer Software

Acarda Outbound is for focused outbound calling. Drastically increase your productivity by using Acarda Outbound for telemarketing, telesales, appointment setting, customer care, surveying and any other outbound calling campaigns.

Acarda Outbound has both a Team Edition for call centers with multiple agents working on campaigns together as a team; and also a Solo Edition for those agents working by themselves on their own calling lists. This page details Acarda Outbound Solo Edition. For Acarda Outbound Team Edition please click here. Our older CallAssist Telemarketing Dialer has now been superseded by Acarda Outbound Solo Edition.

There are three mode screens in Acarda Outbound Solo: the Dial List screen, the Dial Card screen, and the Administration screen. The Dial List screen, as shown below, is where you see the list of leads to call and then focus on one lead at a time which is displayed on the left in the Dial Card. The is the person you are currently calling.

Outbound Agent Dial View

The Dial Card screen is similar to the Dial List screen without the dial list grid. It restricts the agent to seeing only one lead at a time making the dialing process simpler as call backs are automatically presented to the agent for the next call when they are due.

outbound dialer agent solo screen


Outbound Telemarketing Dialer Key Features

  • Dial List and Dial Card Views

Two dialing views. The Dial List view allows the user to work with a full list of leads in the campaign whereas a simpler Dial Card view restricts the user to only see one lead at a time.

  • Dialing - VOIP or Conventional PSTN

Dialing is initiated by the agent with a button click. There is no need for expensive dialing hardware; rather, the dialing device can be selected in Acarda Outbound software to dial via TAPI modem, or a 3rd party-VoIP application that supports command line parameters.

  • Call Back Manager

Once a lead is set with a call back it is placed in a call back queue where it is monitored. Upon due call time the lead listed will change colour to draw attention to it so the agent, once finished with the current call, can contact the call back lead.

  • Call Outcome Reporting

Reporting on call outcomes to show dispositions per campaign, agent, or selected date periods.

  • Campaign and List Management

Setup multiple campaigns, import lead lists and move leads from campaign to campaign based on imported data or past calling results.

  • Scripting and Objection Handler

Present a consistent message to prospects and contacts with agent script tailored for each campaign. Furthermore, an Objection Handler (Advanced Edition only) makes available to the agent a list of common objections or questions so the agent can quickly find the best scripted reply.

  • Do Not Call Management

Ensure telephone numbers on DNC lists are not called by importing them to Acarda Outbound's internal Do Not Call database. Leads are then scrubbed as they are imported into a campaign and also always checked against the DNC list prior to allowing them to be dialed by an agent.

Under the Administration screen outbound calling campaigns can be set up. Lists of leads, with telephone numbers and other data, can be imported and assigned to a particular campaign. Scripts can be added, layouts of the Dial List screen customized, and teams and users are setup and assigned to campaigns. The Administration screen is also were you can view campaign details, see progress reports, statistics, export numbers, and maintain the Do Not Call list.

Telemarketing Dialer Call Balance Report


Call Center Reporting

Acarda Outbound Solo Edition carries on in the tradition of our successful CallAssist Telemarketing Dialer single user software. If you prefer to use our older CallAssist product then you can learn more about CallAssist from here. With the release of Acarda Outbound we now have a Team Edition for call centers with multiple agents working on campaigns together as a team; and also a Solo Edition for those agents working by themselves on their own calling lists. Agents can start with the Solo Edition and then easily upgrade, as they expand, into a Team Edition.

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