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CallAssist Phone Dialer

News Flash :  The latest version of CallAssist is now called Acarda Outbound (Solo). Please refer to Acarda Outbound here.

CallAssist is a telemarketing call center phone dialer that makes it easy to manage calling thousands of people.  It is a modem based dialer that allows a single or group of telemarketing operators to quickly make a large number of outbound calls.  It's ideal for assisting those in small call centers or the telemarketer working by themself  with their telemarketing campaigns.   Also great for market research due to its flexibility in recording call outcomes.

CallAssist Phone Dialer Main Screen

Phone Dialer View Screen Shot

  When you click the Dial button CallAssist call center phone dialer will dial the next number on your dial list, so that you don't have to dial the number yourself.  Once dialed, you pick up your telephone receiver to take the call as the number is ringing.  If the call is busy or not answered you can click the Requeue button to have the number placed at the end of the list for dialling later. If you need to call someone back at a later date, you can schedule CallAssist to remind you to do so. 

CallAssist Script Bar

View Screen Shot


The Script Bar displays the Script and an Objection Handler to make it easy to respond to objections your prospects raise. 

CallAssist allows you to maintain an inbuilt Do Not Call list  which you can easily add to as you are talking with call recipients.  You can also  keep notes about your call and enter responses to questions.



Use CallAssist  telemarketing software and have the following features at your fingertips:

  • Autodialer function places telephone calls at the press of one key
  • Import a list of phone numbers into a Dial List to call
  • Create Dial List from an inbuilt Contact Directory@
  • Maintain an internal Do Not Call list.
  • Supports FTC DNC import file format
  • Requeue numbers in the call list with one click if the phone call is busy or not answered
  • Assign a time to call a number back later and easily recall those numbers at the right time
  • Record a range of responses to questions you ask
  • Use the contact directory memo field for making notes about each telephone call @
  • Store multiple phone numbers per contact in the contact directory @
  • Setup the contact directory by importing details or manual entry @
  • Group contacts by your own categories @
  • Supports multiple campaigns
  • Script window
  • Script Bar with Objection Handling @
  • Export call results or view them in the Dial List Report
  • Export the Contact Directory @
  • Customize screen views and capton labels
  • Call statistics
  • Ability to play a pre-recorded message to voice mail *@
  • Ability to record the conversation *@
  • Dial Pad to dial extension numbers @
  • DoubleClickDial feature can place phone calls from other applications
  • User & Password Login
  • Improved Dial Card
  • Improved Call Back & Response handling
  • Find Contacts in list
  • Call duration mode @
  • Simulated Dialling, TAPI Dialling, and Virtual Telephone Software Dialling @
  • Standard & Advanced mode (click here for a comparison)

  •      *Requires voice capable modem          @Advanced Edition Only

More CallAssist Phone Dialer Details:

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