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Software Updates

From time to time we release updates for our software. Usually these are minor updates and provide feature enhancements, new features and occasionally bug fixes. Less frequently, we release a major update where we have a significant number of new features and enhancements. When you rent Acarda software you may update your software with both major and minor updates for no additional charge other than the cost of a support plan if you need our assistance.

When you purchase Acarda software you qualify for both major and minor updates within 12-months of your purchase date; however, after that period only minor updates for your version are available for no additional charge. Outside of the 12-month period from purchase date, if you wish to update to a major version you may incur an update fee which will be set depending on your purchase date and the significance of the major update. Alternatively, for Acarda Outbound, you may select to purchase our Software Assurance plan each anniversary of your purchase and that will give you continued access to both major and minor updates.

The Software Assurance plan for Acarda Outbound is optional and only necessary for those who have purchased Acarda Outbound and want major updates for no additional fee. It needs to be paid for each 12-month period anniversary since purchase date. i.e. you cannot just purchase it for the year the major update is released. Software Assurance protects your technology investment and is priced at just $68 per agent per year. For example if you only have a 2 agent version of Acarda Outbound then after the first 12-month period you can pay $136 (that’s $68 x 2) to qualify you for any major updates that are released in the next 12-month period. If you have more than 15 agents please contact us for a Software Assurance quote.

You can purchase Software Assurance via the following payment link here. Please enter the number of agents the Software Assurance is for as the Quantity. Remember this is only for those who have purchased Acarda Outbound as the rental option includes major updates already. Please contact us if you have any questions about software updates or our Software Assurance plan.




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