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"We have been searching for a product like TeamMax for years! We have 4 sales agents using outbound calling and they have tripled their productivity because of TeamMax. We are extrenely happy with TeamMax and the sales/support we have been given by their staff. Thank you for all your help!"
Kurt D., Las Vegas, NV, USA.

"Before TeamMax my reps called manually from paper lists. TeamMax has completely automated my sales floor and allows me to gather the information I need to track sales and how good my sales leads are. TeamMax gave me all the features of many other dialers out there but at the fraction of the cost."
Francisco D., Tampa, FL, USA.

"Productivity is at an all time high thanks to TeamMax. Campaigns are set up quickly, users can be added with ease and reports can be run in an instant. This has truly saved our company both time and money in a very short period."
Pat M., Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

"The TeamMax software is excellent for telemarketing. It is completely customizable through the menus to apply to a companies individual needs. 
It allows our telemarketers to continue to call out even with the governments intervention in my business through creation of a 'Do Not Call' registry. The TeamMax automatically weeds out those who we cannot call, and even allows us the opportunity to check any number against the 'Do Not Call' list manually at the click of a button. ... 
I have referred other distributors of our companies products, to Acarda, with no reservations or uneasiness whatsoever."
Steven S., Sonora, CA, USA.

"Your TeamMax call center software has helped us make our telemarketing more productive, we make more calls per hour and it now takes less time for me to manage our telemarketer activities."  
Martin T., Pasadena, CA, USA.

"TeamMax call center software has made our phone center more efficient and productive than I ever imagined. The phone reps love the user-friendly software and the supervisor loves the reports."  
Pam C, Omaha, NE, USA.

"TeamMax has turned our small telemarketing project into a full telemarketing division. The software has increased productivity and most importantly, has resulted in more business for my business. The customer service is excellent and the staff has quickly solved every question I’ve had. I would highly recommend TeamMax to anyone looking to take their telemarketing to the next level."  
Justin E, Omaha, NE, USA.

"Things are going well, I still am just getting into it, so we are excited about what it can do for us as we progress through this year. Thanks again for all your help! TeamMax has not only helped us to better manage our lists, but to better manage our call center. In the long run this software will pay for itself just in the fact that I can manage the Do Not Call registry in-house rather then through a list broker." Robbie N, Lakewood, WA, USA.

"We set up an outbound sales team of 4 staff and used a paper based system with excel spreadsheets. It didn’t take too long to work out we desperately needed a software solution to managing the leads and our reporting. While looking on the web I spotted TeamMax in a review section and it had been given rave reviews. I was very impressed that the cost of the product and licenses were within my budget!.

... the technical support was brilliant – very prompt, very helpful and I am a very satisfied customer.

Our sales team has just doubled in size and we have upgraded to 8 agent licenses – which was achieved with a quick email and what I can only describe as fast, efficient and fabulous service!"
Lisa P., Hamilton, NSW, Australia.

"Your TeamMax Call Center Software has been great. Our sales numbers are up, and the customer support has been OUTSTANDING."
Brian K., Portage, MI, USA

"TeamMax is easy to setup and use. TeamMax is versatile; you can setup and run multiple campaigns. Randomizing lists can be done with a click of the mouse. Importing lists is easy.

The TeamMax server and client use very little system recourses which means you can run them on just about any windows computer. Acarda support is great. Knowledgeable developers answer your questions.

TeamMax is a smart choice for anyone who wants a quick and easy power dialing solution."
Douglas Gibson, IT Director, NCG Companies, Lawrenceville, NJ, USA

"We are very happy with TeamMax, low cost, user friendly, and your support is
excellent and very fast."
Patrick L., Luxembourg

'I started using TeamMax Call Center software two and a half years ago. I have never encountered one major technical malfunction and the support has been excellent. Most importantly, my revenue has tripled while keeping costs down.'
Dan A., Mt. Prospect, IL, USA


"CallAssist has to be the best value for telephone sales reps that I've ever seen. The ability to customize fields for our application was a big help, and the ability to export call reports … Most importantly, the number of calls per-rep increased from about 70 a day to nearly 200 for my best reps. GREAT JOB!" 
James G, Winter Garden, FL., USA

"CallAssist has been a blessing to our market research business. The modest investment in the software has increased our interviewer productivity and improved our bottom line. Moreover, the technical support has been timely and always friendly. Call Assist has definitely exceeded my initial expectations."
Edward T. R, Dallas, TX, USA

"We are extremely impressed with the many changes you have made in your updated versions ... all we can say is WOW.... I can only say we were more than pleased...You made some outstanding changes !! ... we are "ecstatic" with the changes made ..." 
Dave E, Las Vegas, NV.,USA

"Call Assist is working great! Having great results."
Perry C, Oakville, ON., Canada

"Things have been going great! CallAssist is one heck of a program. It is very easy to set up and extremely easy to use. My telemarketing efforts have been much more productive."
Rosalyn F, Cleveland Heights, OH, USA

"CallAssist is a great program - easy to use with lots of options to customize for your unique needs. CallAssist allows you to dial quickly and accurately - I never have to worry about errors that I sometimes make when dialing manually."
Jean P., Roseville, MN, USA.

"We are a Public Insurance Adjusting firm and have been phoning prospects by telephone for over 10 years. Until we found CallAssist our results were hit or miss at best. Now, with the ability to track every aspect of our campaigns we have finally located our niche market customers and our sales are through the roof!"
Steve H., Katy, TX, USA.

"I have currently have 5 computers running the CallAssist program and I have found it very effective. My marketers have been able to double the amount of prospects they are reaching. In addition the support is great! As I do not have an I.T. department the fact that the software is easy to use and support is always available it makes the system that much more productive."
Ryan K., Lake Forest, CA, USA

"CallAssist Telemarketing Dialer is so user-friendly that even the most computer illiterate (like myself) can jump right in with no trouble. And, should you run into any problems, the response from Support is prompt and thorough. A great product and superior support…you just can’t beat that!"
Rachel B., McMurray, PA, USA.

Acarda Messenger

"I had searched through dozens of web sites looking for a simple, easy to use and affordable auto-dialer software.  I downloaded several test versions of from other vendors, and couldn't get any of them running.   Then I found the Acarda Messenger, it was easy to understand and use and worked immediately with my dialogic card, and they were half the cost of the other products!"
Jim H., Eden Prairie, MN, USA.

"After spending several days, YES DAYS! testing other voice casting software I was truly in despair. Other products were either to complicated to implement (too many steps) to launch a campaign or simply were "bug ridden". I needed a system that could be deployed quickly and reliably. Googling my way onto the Acarda site, I thought, great, they must have some confidence in their product to "actually" let me test it for free! I quickly found the product to be both intuitive and reliable , I was implementing my voice marketing campaign within a half hour of software installation. A month later, I was so delighted, I just upgraded to the 8 line version!".
Philip F., Minneapolis, MN, USA.

"Acarda Messenger is an excellent program and you have done a great job with it"
Robert M., Los Angeles, CA, USA.

"Your software is great. I told the county party chairman & he wanted the four line package for the county."
Jeff M., Madison, AL, USA.

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how happy we are with Acarda's Autodialer System. It is proving to be a very usefull tool in both sales calls and confirming as well as soliciting attendance to our seminars. I highly reccomend it. That might not come as a surprize as I will be buying our fouth system later this week."
Bruce M., Glastonbury, CT., USA.

"I operate a small mortgage company near Washington DC. I aim to keep my overhead as low as possible and have used Acarda Messenger over the last 5 years to find new clients. It works. It has really given my company an edge over our competitors. Good leads are very expensive. My leads are virtually free. Buy this product!"
Troy H, Woodbridge, VA, USA.


"Your TeamMax Call Center Software has been great. Our sales numbers are up, and the customer support has been OUTSTANDING. Very quick to reply to e mails and phone calls. Thanks again for all your help."
Brian K., Portage, MI, USA

"It has been a pleasure to deal with you. Your response and support are outstanding!"
Jerry Neumeyer, Metairie, CA, USA

"You were exactly on target.  It is refreshing to deal with someone who can respond so quickly and knowledgeably"
Mike Kaufman, USA  

"I appreciate your help very much, you are very helpful, patient and supportive.  You have great software and a great support team. I will absolutely tell my friends about it."
Almoz Guy, USA


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