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Acarda Vox Converter

Acarda VoxConverter is a voice file utility that allows you to convert between wav and vox files, play vox files and record wav files. If you don't need to convert files and just want to listen to vox files then please see our Vox Player software, click here.

"This was exactly what I was looking for. Really intuitive and user friendly. We get recordings in WAV format and need to convert them specifically to VOX for our telephone voice menu system. ... This works out great."
Juan B.

VoxConverter Overview

Vox Converter Coversion

Vox Converter Conversion View Screen Shot

Acarda VoxConverter allows you to convert between WAV and VOX files. Wav files can be in the format of 8 Bit or 16 Bit, Frequency of 8000 Hz, 11025 Hz, 22050 Hz, or 44100 Hz, Mono or Stereo. Vox files can be in the format of PCM 8 Bit or ADPCM 4 Bit, with Frequency of 8000 Hz or 6000 Hz.

Vox Converter Player

Vox Converter Player View Screen Shot

With Acarda VoxConverter you can play your VOX files over the sound card rather than having to call into your telephony equipment to hear them.

Vox Converter Recorder

Vox Converter Recorder View Screen Shot

Acarda VoxConverter includes a WAV recorder so you can record WAV files with a microphone on your computer and then have them converted to VOX files for use with Dialogic Cards.

Acarda VoxConverter Pricing

License US$
Personal Use No Charge
Single Licence $24 Buy Now
5 Licence Pack $99 Buy Now
10 Licence Pack $149 Buy Now
50 Licence Pack $699 Buy Now
100 Licence Pack $1299 Buy Now

Download Acarda VoxConverter

Vox Converter Download

You can download Acarda VoxConverter for evaluation and may used it for personal home use without purchasing a license. For all other use outside of the evaluation period you must purchase a license.


Acarda Sales Technologies Limited software is governed by New Zealand Laws. Disclaimer.

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